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Remember those “choose-your-own-adventure” books we read when we were kids?

This short interactive video is just like that, only this video of my talking head can make you money.

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Proven profit strategies delivered through instructor-led, group and private training.

Delivered by an Inc. 5000 business owner who has tripled revenue, with 40 strategies backed by data science, your company WILL breakthrough its profit plateau.

As your Fractional Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), we make you a revenue and profit machine through 1:1 hand-holding or corporate training.

"My company needs more sales"

You’ve spent thousands on digital ads, social media, marketing agencies, and PR firms – with little to show for it.

We feel your frustration. But all is not lost.

  • We have 40 growth strategies to apply
  • Virtually none require gambling on ads
  • We align your Learning, Marketing, Sales, and Service teams to turn your company into a revenue & profit machine
  • Your Result: Grow sales and profit margin faster, and at a far lower cost than a full-time executive hire.

"My company believes in investing in our colleagues’ learning & development because it makes us a better, more competitive company that attracts and retains the best in the business."

Improve just 12 areas in your business by a mere 2.6% and your profits will double.

  • Teach all or most of your company because profit improvements can come from anywhere
  • Align company goals with employee learning &development
  • Most employees don’t have a business degree. The company that changes that --at scale-- becomes untouchable.

"My company needs a way to attract and retain the best in the workforce"

The labor shortage is real. For a lot of reasons. Reasons that won’t be realigned with the next recession.

LinkedIn’s research stated that 93% of organizations are concerned about employee retention.

  • “Providing Learning Opportunities” is the No.1 way organizations are working to improve retention. (LinkedIn)
  • Our online business academy is like offering your employees a virtual MBA
  • And what they learn, they can apply to your company’s growth – Today.

"Ads, Social Media, and PR have let us down. We need a low-cost but high ROI method to grow sales, increase profit, and get some accountability."

For less than the cost of your ad budget, you can learn the strategies we’ve used successfully to:

  • Triple revenue
  • Triple profit
  • Lower break-even by as much as a whopping 75%
  • Scale from regional to nationwide sales

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Do you know what 3 mistakes business owners make that practically guarantee they will spiral into exhaustion and frustration?

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As seen on The Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur Podcast, episode 594

“Brian Carmody has led and grown, as owner and president, a small regional manufacturer to nationwide sales that include huge enterprises like the US Veterans Administration, United Health Group, Google, and Amazon.”

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I love that these profit strategies are grounded in the fundamentals of business and things we can control inside our business. A refreshing break from the “shiny object” marketing tactics everyone else is gambling on.”

Chantal S.
C-Spin Designs

“If you’re a small business and think that posting on social media every day (exhausting!) and gambling your cash away on marketing and advertising is the only way to grow your business, then you need to work with The Profit Finders. Eye-opening!”

John S.

“So many of these strategies are free to implement, and don’t take a ton of time. In fact, I learned more about how important systems are to recapture my time. Starting to transition from working on my business instead of in it. I thought I’d never get there, but now it feels possible.”

Stephanie E.
Otnip Graphics

“The Joint Ventures strategy alone has grown our referrals beyond what I imagined. I had no idea there was so many ways to create predictable revenue from leads and referrals. And this strategy costs nothing but the time it takes to make a few phone calls.”

Rachel L.
Resource Management, Inc.

Increase Just 12 Areas in Your Business by a Meager 2.6% and Your Profits Will DOUBLE!

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