You run an SME (Small to Midsize Enterprise) and want someone to temporarily lead the most important aspect of your business’ health: Revenue

This is not just New Business Development. Nor is it just a “VP of Sales.”
A CRO is responsible for every process that creates revenue. I’ll connect and align all your revenue-related functions. 

This means while your current employees are focused on their job description, I’ll be obsessed with creating new revenue and profit growth for your company leaving no stone unturned. 

(I’ve done this already for my manufacturing company, which I led as President for over 8 years, tripling revenue, lowering our break-even point by 76%, expanding from New Hampshire to serving all 50 states, and landing on the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Companies three times.  

For you, it means more revenue and profit, more frequent purchases, and increased customer lifetime value.

That’s money you can invest back into your  company:

This means while your current employees are focused